Kristina Rizga

The Book


"This book is a godsend ... for anyone wanting to go beyond the simplified labels and metrics and really understand an urban high school."

— Dave Eggers, writer, co-founder of 826 National

"A much-needed corrective to an education debate that often fails to ask how students and teachers experience reform on the ground.""

— Dana Goldstein, author of The Teacher Wars, national correspondent, The New York Times

"Mission High is one of the best books about education I've read in years.""

— LynNell Hancock, professor of journalism, Columbia University

"A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the holistic nature of teaching and learning.""

— Prudence L. Carter, professor of education, Stanford University

"Excellent... What Rizga learned is worth sharing. Her advice should have been taken by Cory Booker, Chris Christie, Cami Anderson, Mark Zuckerberg, and the other reformers.""

— The New York Review of Books

"At her best, Rizga writes with the subtlety and grace of pioneering education writers Jonathan Kozol and Paul Tough. Her central contribution is undoubtedly to challenge the dominant and dehumanizing definitions of educational success...""

— The Los Angeles Review of Books